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The Middlebury College Rugby Club

A Return to Play

August 29, 2021

The 2020-2021 academic year was an unusual one for the MCRC, as it was for so many across the world. Competitions were suspended, practices were severely limited, and the social and service events that normally make the club such a well-rounded and lively environment were likewise put on hold. Despite these challenges, the MCRC comes into the 2021-2022 year with robust membership, a new league with new opponents, and a renewed desire to get back to competing on the pitch as a team.

In preparation for the coming season, we are returning to Middlebury a week early for our usual preseason camp. With over 30 members signed up to participate in preseason, plus a few returnees who cannot make it, we are in a great position to reliably field two full teams this fall, especially after our normal freshman recruiting. The core membership group also includes nearly a dozen seniors or senior febs, a useful contingent of experienced players as we introduce the current sophomores and new freshman to competition.

The MCRC will face a slate of teams new to our current members, but perhaps familiar to some MCRC alums. Our return to play will feature home matches against Plymouth State and Eastern Connecticut State Universities, and away matches at University of New Haven and Holy Cross. We hope also to begin our season with a friendly match against University of Vermont on September 18th. The full schedule can be found on our website, and we invite all alums, parents, and friends of the club to support our boys from the sidelines of any of our games.

The final change facing the club is an altered coaching staff. Our coaches now consist of Kerry Wiebe, our Backs Coach since 2013, and Ben Wells, our longtime volunteer coach. The club is currently exploring options for a new Forwards Coach to fill this paid position, either full-time or as a part-time assistant to our current coaches. Relevant information, or interested individuals, would be appreciated by the club and we encourage them to reach out to Kerry at

Finally, we remain extremely grateful for the support of all members of the MCRC family. The success and longevity of the club would be impossible without the alumni, parent, and fan networks that make membership so rewarding. We are very excited to expand our alumni outreach this year ahead of the MCRC’s 50th anniversary, and we hope to make that milestone a memorable one next fall. Until then, take care, and Go Blue!