Spring 7s Captains' Bios


Name: Amani Core
Year: 2018
Position: Flanker (Captain)
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

“My name is Amani Core and I am a Senior Chinese and Philosophy Joint Major here at Middlebury. Athletics have always played an important part in my academic life, as I participated in football, lacrosse, and wrestling in high school. I started playing rugby midway through my Middlebury career, joining the MCRC during my sophomore spring. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. As a Flanker, I take pride in being part of the forward pack and enjoy being extremely active all over the pitch. As much as I put in the effort to support my teammates in rucks and line breaks, I’m always happy to support them in their daily lives as well. 

Being Co-Captain during my last semester is a great honor, and I want to prepare the Club not only for this upcoming spring season but also for next fall. I want us to be physically fit and mentally ready for our spring tournaments, which will help cultivate positive work habits that extend to the fall. Lastly, I want to do everything possible to help the younger members enjoy this Club and our community as much as I have during my time with the MCRC, which would be the perfect way to finish off my college career.” 


Name: Christian Reina
Year: 2019
Position: Center (Captain)
Hometown: Queens, NY

"My name is Christian Reina and I am from Queens, NY. I am an economics major graduating in 2019. My rugby career began as early as the age of 8 with Play Rugby USA and I continued playing rugby while attending Xavier High School. During this time, I gained exposure to both 7s and 15s under the guidance of a myriad of formidable coaching staffs. 

I began playing for the MCRC in the fall of 2015, continuing my rugby career in both 15s and 7s. 

As of Spring 2018, it was with great pleasure that I accepted the role as Co-Captain for club. Utilizing lessons learned over the years from my rugby experience, I seek to better not only myself but also every member of the club, on and off of the pitch. I understand that preparing and leading a roster of dozens of athletes into a rugby season is a great task, but with the commitment, work ethic, and sheer talent that the MCRC possesses, coupled with a seasoned coaching staff, we are well on our way to a successful season." 


Name: Ben Manoukian
Year: 2018.5
Position: Prop (Captain)
Hometown: Reno, Nevada

“My name is Ben Manoukian and I am an International Politics and Economics major, graduating in February of 2019. I had not played rugby before coming to Middlebury, but I was placed in a suite with the Captain, Treasurer, and Match Secretary my freshman year so I never really had the choice. 

I fell in love with the game and the club immediately, and was honored to be named Captain in the Fall of 2017 after two A-side 15s seasons. We have a lot of potential this Spring season and a roster full of talented new and returning players. I look forward most to mentoring the young players and teaching them the values of rugby as the veteran players taught me when I was a freshman. We’re off to a strong start so far and we look forward to performing on the pitch this Spring!”