Solid: MCRC Scrum Half Jackson Bock

Article By: Colin Mackintosh 

Jackson Bock arrived at Middlebury as a freshman this past fall. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Bock played primarily rugby and soccer in high school. He played for the Denver East High Angels as fly half and co-captain, and this prior rugby experience made Bock stand out at the first few days of practice at Midd. By the third game, Bock was the starting scrumhalf, and remained the starter for the rest of the season. After the big win against Boston College, Bock received some good press from Alex Goff of the Goff Rugby Report. Goff said of Bock that he “has emerged as a player the forwards and backs can count on.”

At the end of season banquet, Bock received the Rookie of the Year award along with sophomore wing Adam Markun. For Bock, this award was recognition of the all the hard work he puts in. In terms of practice, and kicking in particular, Bock says, “During pre-season and early on, I kick two to three hours a week, and at the end of the season I will tune up for about a half an hour the day before a game.” Bock certainly has some big shoes to fill, as many legendary Middlebury ruggers have received the Rookie of the Year Award, such as junior Jake Feury, but knowing Bock, and all the hard work he puts in, he will be up to the challenge.

Bock’s mindset and energy is representative of the kind of players the club attracts. Since the MCRC is often playing against schools many times the size of Middlebury, everyone in the club needs to work that much harder, and put in that much more effort, so that we can continue to be competitive in Division I. Jackson Bock is an great example of the MCRC work ethic. Bock says of practice, “I would say that it is as simple as the old saying, practice makes perfect”, and through practice “you can ensure your team comes out on top.” Bock puts similar levels of effort into academics, and he feels that he “held his own”, in regards to the rigors of the Middlebury curriculum. Bock is currently undeclared in terms of a major, but he plans on pursuing studies in the realm of International Politics and Economics during his time at Middlebury.

Looking toward the future, Jackson will be an important part of our Spring 7’s Season, and a mainstay on A-Side for another three years. Although Jackson described last seasons 4th place finish as slightly “disappointing”, he believes the “strong sophomore class and incoming freshman” will have a positive impact on the club. He looks forward to competing against American International College, in particular, who took 1st in ECRC last season, and as Bock continues to progress as a player, he will undoubtedly help the MCRC continue to compete with some of the best teams in the country.