Developmental 15s Side Defeats Albany

 Article By: Levik Khodaverdy

On Saturday April 4th the MCRC Developmental 15s side took on squad took on a University of Albany squad that included a mix of both A and B side players. This match would be the first ever rugby contest for about half of the MCRC players. Weather conditions were brutal, with a temperature that was in the 40s, but a wind that made even the shortest passes difficult and unpredictable. Albany hosted a squad that seemed to outweigh each of the B's by about 50 pounds on average, but that did not deter these new MCRC members. While play started off somewhat chaotic, the MCRC maintained possession for the majority of the first of three thirty-minute periods. In this first period, the MCRC earned its first score from Freshman Feb and brand new rugby player Rob Engel who violently stepped his opposition and raced thirty meters for the try. Our second score came from Colin Larsen, culminating a fantastic effort from the forward pack in the second period. And in the last period the MCRC earned their final try from Lev Khodaverdy, as the MCRC took advantage of a penalty and Khodaverdy brought the ball just over the line after a few pick and go’s. Initially, scrums were depowered, but in the final period both teams decided their forwards were ready move toward contested scrums. Somewhat surprisingly the Great Danes' superior size did not yield results in the scrum as the blue dominated the few scrums that took place. The final score was to 17-15 in favor the boys in blue.