The MCRC Volunteers at the Local Charter House

Article By: Paul Molloy

In the fall of 2015, the MCRC started what is hoped to be a long-lasting relationship with the Charter House of Middlebury. Every Sunday, the club organizes a lunch, comprised of grill food, for the local community. After discussions with the school administration and Doug Sinclair, head of the Charter House, during the spring semester of 2015, Community service coordinator Raouf Belkhir organized these new weekly events between the MCRC and the Charter House, which he hopes will last for many years to come. His thinking process behind the coordination of the project was that: “[The weekly lunches] foster an important relationship between the college and community members of Middlebury, a relationship that needs to be strengthened to comply with the liberal arts education. This initiative involves students that otherwise wouldn’t think to involve themselves with community members.”  The club had done other related projects with the Charter House, such as working in the community garden, but this was the first direct interaction with the community through the lunches. The first few lunches have run smoothly with strong attendance from the community and great responses from club members. All members of the MCRC hope this is the start of long-lasting tradition that will continue well after we all graduate.