Captain Jake Feury '16.5 Earns All-ACRC Honor

Article from (Alex Goff)

A series of niminations from coaches throughout the ACRC and input from Goff Rugby Report has produced a 2014 All-ACRC 1st team, 2nd team, and Honorable Mention.

In addition, coaches voted on the ACRC MVP, who is US Military Academy flanker and co-captain Collum Magee. Magee was hugely influential in Army's 8-0 run and clinching of the Rugby East Conference championship. A superb defender he also scored some key tries, including the game-winner over Kutztown.

Votes came in from all over the ACRC. Below is the list.

2014 All-ACRC  

MVP Collum Magee Flanker Army    

 First Team  

1 Conor Squier Dayton 

2 Tom Bashara Penn State 

3 Max Simons Clemson 

4 Jimmy Rippert Clemson 

5 Frank Viancourt Bowling Green 

6 Gavan D'Amore-Morrison AIC 

7 Collum Magee Army 

8 Wes Hartman Kutztown 

9 Niku Kruger Kutztown 

10 Connor Murray Miami 

11 Jake Hidalgo Indiana 

12 Teddy Terezis Wisconsin 

13 Andrew Fargo Army 

14 Christian Adams AIC 

15 Madison Hughes Dartmouth 

 2nd Team  

1 Colton Kells Buffalo 

2 Peter Malcolm Wheeling Jesuit 

3 Pat Rockwell Boston College 

4 Joe Whalen Maryland 

5 Connor Gleason AIC 

6 Daniel Ardis Kings Point 

7 Malcom May Penn State 

8 Santino Cua Ohio State 

9 Ryan Gilroy Clemson 

10 Ben Cima Maryland 

11 Nu'u Aiava Kutztown 

12 Matius Cima Maryland 

13 Mike Powell Bowling Green 

14 Jake Feury Middlebury 

15 Joey D'Antonio Boston College 

Honorable Mention  

1 Cameron Jernigan NC State 

2 Casper Huizenga Kutztown 

3 Matthew Lund Alabama 

4 Manny Debra WVU 

5 Alex Garmaut Bowling Green 

6 Eddie Love Harvard 

7 Ryan Roper Tennessee 

8 Ryan Blythe WVU 

9 Jimmy Wolfer St. Joseph's 

10 Joel Conzelmann Michigan 

11 Max Parker Dartmouth 

12 MIchael Scarcella Iona 

13 Danny Schatzman Boston College 

14 David Huff Army 

15 Lee Bogitsh Tennessee