Adam Markun '17 Named 1st Team All-Conference

Article from (Josh Macy)

The East Coast Rugby Conference has named its all-conference team for the 2014 fall season. Awards fell heavily to the champions amd runners up, AIC and Boston College, with 21 awards between them. Third place team, UMASS, placed five players on the all-conference list as well.

In post-season play, all three teams enjoyed ACRC Bowl Series wins over members of the Midwest Athletic Rugby Conference, Rugby East, and the Southwest Rugby Conference.

In the front row, voters favored attacking play as all three players often had their hands on the ball. Todd Theodat led his team in tries this season. The second row is all about work, as Momsen and Gore are both known for high work rates and athleticism around the field. In the back row, D’Amore-Morrison and Hastry both appeared high on the conference try scoring list, while Tom Edwards is the rangy enforcer that any team would want at the back of the scrum.

The backs are anchored by two young AIC half backs. Werner and Khabir pushed the Yellow Jackets to an average of 52 points a game. Hard charging centers Bronzo and Crush both provided the Golden Eagles and Minutemen great attacking possession in the middle of the field. The outside backs will enjoy the shiftiness of Middlebury wing Adam Markun, the power of league leading try scorer Christian Adams, and the boot of his AIC team mate Bryce Neff.

First Team All-Conference

Prop: Todd Theodat, UMASS, Senior, 6’0, 245

Hooker: Blake Gurgul, AIC, Sophomore, 5’9, 205

Prop: Jamal Hadley, AIC, Senior, 6’0, 250

Second Row: Corey Momsen, AIC, Junior, 6’5, 240

Second Row: Erik Gore, Boston College, Senior, 6’3, 225

Flanker: Joe Hastry, UMASS, Junior, 6’1, 205

Flanker: Gavan D’Amore-Morrison, AIC, Senior, 6’2, 210

Eight Man: Tom Edwards, Boston College, JR, 6’4, 205

Scrum Half: Kurtis Werner, AIC, Sophomore, 5’9, 175

Fly Half: Jihad Khabir, AIC, Freshman, 5’10, 175

Wing: Christian Adams, AIC, Sophomore, 5’10, 220

Center: Allan Bronzo, Senior, 5’11, 190

Center: Matt Crush, UMASS, Junior, 6’1, 225

Wing: Adam Markun, Middlebury, Sophomore, 5’10, 185

Full Back: Bryce Neff, AIC, Senior, 6’2, 210


Second Team All-Conference

Prop: Pat Rockwell, Boston College, Senior, 6’2, 230

Hooker: Willie Hock, Boston College, Freshman, 6’0, 225

Prop: Skyler Adams, AIC, Junior, 6’0, 240

Second Row: Gavin Gyimesi, Albany, Senior, 6’3, 220

Second Row: Connor Gleason, AIC, Sophomore, 6’6, 265

Flanker: Nick Savage, Boston College, Sophomore, 6’0, 220

Flanker: Paul Coste, Northeastern, Junior, 6’1, 225

Eight Man: Thomas Thekaekara, UMASS, JR, 6’2, 210

Scrum Half: Brendan Kelly, UMASS, Sophomore, 6’0, 180

Fly Half: Conor Shaw, Boston College, Junior, 6’2, 195

Wing: Deshae Edwards, AIC, Senior, 5’8, 180

Center: Adrian Ray, AIC, Sophomore, 6’0, 215

Center: Raphael Henriquez, Albany, Junior, 5’10, 185

Wing: Danny Schatzman, Boston College, Sophomore, 6’1, 190

Full Back: Joseph D’Antonio, Boston College, Junior, 6’0, 180

Other Awards:

ECRC Champions: AIC

Second XV Champions: UMASS

Top Try Scorer: Christian Adams, AIC

Top Points Scorer: Bryce Neff, AIC

Team Sportsmanship Award: Boston College

Coach of the Year: Phil Ciccarelli, UMASS