Where were you?

Where were you the day our Middlebury brothers kitted up in the black & blue to take the pitch for the first time as the MOB? When 12 alumni members of the MCRC (13 when Powers ‘11.5 finally showed) challenged the Maggots of Missoula to an 80 minute friendly. Captain Goz ‘09 gets us the ball to start under the BIG MT sky. Starting lineup features the return of Mutty ‘09.5 in an unfamiliar position, scrumhalf; current Maggot Paddock ‘09; and Seamus O’meanyham ‘08 who arrived just before kickoff. Full lineup:

Coach Chow ‘09
Meany ‘08
Woelber ‘09.5
Gosney ‘09
Ford ‘10
White ‘09
Burleigh ‘10.5
Whore (N/A)
Tormey ‘09
Mutty ‘09.5
Silverman ‘09
Whore (N/A)
Harrison ‘11
Mwaki ‘11
Whore (N/A)
Paddock ‘09
Powers ‘11.5
Whore (N/A)
Whore (N/A)
Whore (N/A)

The Maggots were first on the board despite relentless pressure from the MOB pack. The lack of cohesion showed for the men as several try scoring opportunities were thwarted on the line and in the lineouts. Quick taps by Mutty kept the pace fast and furious but didn’t result in much for points and the first half score was 12-0 in favor of the home team. Heroic tackles by fullback Paddock kept it close and Mwaki does what Mwaki does getting replaced due to blood and another Kenyan injury.

Second sees some adjustments in the Pack but little coming for the men early and the lead gets extended to 29 until 20 minutes in when a rolling maul off a lineout turned into points for our flanker whore. With 5 to play the try of the match was scored as the ball goes from Tormey to Mutty to Silverman to Harrison to Mwaki to wing whore to Paddock who took it the distance for points under the posts and Mutty slots the dropgoal for a 29-12 score. Champagne Rugby! Despite several more scoring opportunities the men came away with little and were glad to have made it competitive considering the relative lack of experience. O’meanyhan lasts a surprising 70 and Powers arrives with 15 to play and gets on the pitch for the final 10. Woelber is back on his feet after 3 staples and is ready for the bodega. Cheers to Burleigh for his throws in the lineout, Harrison for the relentless tackling, and the “coaching” from Chow. Imagine what a Sirkia, Eaton, Volz, twins Kelner, Louderback, Zvoma, Fernandez, Davis, Hammock, Wells, Yoquinto, bitches (Levine & Fager), Berriman, Manyuru^2, Zabriski, Losombe, or Epeli and every Landshark, Man from Nantucket, minister, or choir master could have contributed to this mix.

Silverman earns man of the match. The MOB presents New Zealand friend Tupa with our man of the match, a bottle of Maple Syrup and bottle of Whistle Pig courtesy of our brothers Khan ‘11, Hodge ‘11, and Withers ‘11.5. Thanks to the Moose for filling out our ranks. More to come this weekend but rafting for now.

Remember the day the MOB took the pitch and you were in Boston or NYC or SF and not with your rugby brothers!