D1-AA USA Rugby Collegiate Sweet 16

The MCRC has announced the official squad for the first step of the National Championship run.

Middlebury will kick off against St. Bonaventure at 12:30pm on Saturday, April 27.

'13: Luke Dauner, Nate Brown, Don Song, Dylan Whitaker (captain)
'13.5: Dustin Attwood-Dupont, Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Allan Stafford, Ben Stasiuk (captain) 
'14: Tom Lynch, Devin Risinger
'15: Geoff Genova, Cliff Hanich, Alec Mackenzie, Blake Shapskinsky, Laird Silsby, Taran Veerman

'16: Cole Baker, Ted Benge, David Cromwell, Jake Feury, Tucker Hopkins, Griffin Jones, Miller Judge, George Katsaounis, Timmy Macrae, Sam Schwarz, Graham Shaw, Aaron Yappert

Dave Stillman (coach) ‘14